New Vision Vinyl Fence Limited Lifetime Warranty

Who and what are covered by this warranty:
New Vision Vinyl Fence warrants to the original purchaser/homeowner that its vinyl fence profiles will be free from manufacturing defects or including rotting, corroding, blistering, peeling and flaking when subject to normal and proper use. This warranty is for the lifetime of the original purchase as long as the original purchaser owns the property and is still living.

Warranty limitations:
This warranty does not cover any labor charges associated with the original installation or the repaired or replaced parts.
This warranty does not cover damage from unusual weather conditions, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fire or impact of foreign objects.
This warranty does not cover damages from livestock, horses, dogs or other animals that may impact the fence.
This warranty does not cover gates, gate hardware, picket caps and post caps.
This warranty does not cover sections that are not properly constructed by the fabricator. Mid rails and aluminum stiffeners may be required for support.
This warranty does not cover staining, discoloration, mildew, water stains, pollution stains and weathering from the elements.
This warranty does not cover outdoor grills, fire pits, space heaters and reflected sunlight from windows and other surfaces.
This warranty does not cover color differences between replacement parts and existing parts.
New Vision Vinyl Fence reserves the right to discontinue or modify its product line or color without notifying the purchaser. New Vision Vinyl Fence may choose at its discretion to provide replacement products of equal value or quality.

This warranty supersedes and excludes all other warranties, oral, written and implied.
In no way will New Vision Vinyl Fence be liable for consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

To obtain coverage under this warranty the warranty must be registered within 30 days after completion of the installation. The registration card is available directly on this page below, and must be completed and returned along with proof of purchase to: New Vision Vinyl Fence Inc., P.O. Box 3072, Bourne, MA 02532.

What the purchaser must do:
The homeowner/purchaser must notify New Vision Vinyl Fence in writing of any manufacturing defects and provide proof of the date of purchase and installation as well as proof of property ownership to: New Vision Vinyl Fence, Inc., P.O. Box 3072, Bourne, MA 02532. If a defect covered by the warranty is confirmed New Vision Vinyl Fence will provide replacement material for the fence or refund the amount the homeowner/purchaser the original amount paid for the fence. (Labor not included).

Download and Print Warranty Card